Rainer in 30 Days! 6,640 miles – Brooklyn to Seattle.

The numbers are in after driving the last leg of our cross country journey arriving at Alicia, Brian and Josie’s home in Seattle. I love math. If you also love math, please read the following:

Driving for a total of 6,640 miles over 30 days using 268 gallons of premium fuel at an average of $3.969/gal and 24.8 MPG. Clipping along at that pace we spent 16ยข per mile averaging $35.42 per day in fuel. All the while driving with 400 lbs. of belongings loaded in our Subaru.

Further stats:
24 states
23 fill ups
289 miles per fill up (Avg)
221 miles per day (Avg)
9 gallons per day (Avg)
9 National Parks
6 National Forests
3 National Recreation Areas
2 Raceways
1 Indian Reservation
1 oil change and tire rotation

Of course there is a spreadsheet compiled with all the data: Notice the on-board computer in the car states 1.6 MPG more that actually incurred. I assume the Subaru engineers try to make us feel better about the vehicles efficiency.

The following is a list of notable locations we visited and many of the sites are stamped in our Passport to the National Parks:

Shenandoah Natl Park (drove thru)
Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park
Arches Natl Park
Bryce Canyon Natl Park
Grand Canyon Natl Park
Death Valley Natl Park
Yosemite Natl Park
Golden Gate Natl Park
Redwood Natl Park (drove thru)
Red Canyon Natl Forest
Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
Trail of Tears, NC
Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, AL
Purdue University
Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, MI
Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE
Kenefick Park, Omaha, NE (2 of the biggest Locomotives ever built)
Original Pony Express Station, Gothenburg, NE
Green River State Rec Area
Fish Lake Natl Forest
Red Canyon, Dixie Natl Forest
Glen Canyon Natl Rec Area, Page, AZ
Antelope Canyon Navajo Res, Page, AZ
Inyo Natl Forest
Kaibab Natl Forest
Manti-La Sal Natl Forest
Humboldt-Redwoods State Park
Lake Mead Natl Rec Area
Route 66, Northern AZ

Here’s the updated map showing the last few days of mileage logged:

View Rainer in 30 days in a larger map

Tugboat Brewing Co.

The smallest brewery in Portland. They cheer when you walk in, and boo when you walk out. We might never leave…


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Yosemite to San Francisco

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Burrito loco

Next time you’re in Death Valley…get the beef torta and chicken burrito – extra crema.

Get your kicks…

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The Grandest Canyon

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Moab to Bryce Canyon

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Milt’s – last meal in Moab

Look at that chili cheeseburger and Milt Melt!

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