Before and After

What a difference a week makes! We spent a wonderful 8 days in Minnesota, enjoying family lake time, and came home to a jungle. I’ve been trying so far this year to take a trug out with me every time I go in the garden to just do little weeding touch ups. I didn’t realize how much the day-to-day was helping keep things at bay until I did nothing for over a week. The weeds went nuts! Thankfully, so did the fruits and veggies. I wandered around first thing in the morning collecting berries for breakfast and checking out my work for the day. And then we had an amazing harvest for our first dinner home – with the exception of the noodles and chorizo, everything in the pasta came from our garden.







2 responses to “Before and After

  1. Mom Liz

    Looks absolutely wonderful!

  2. Mom Liz

    And it is hard work.

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