I’m experimenting a little bit with cajeta – goat milk caramel. It’s just goat’s milk simmered with sugar for a good long while. It tastes delicious and sweet and rich and I can’t wait for you all to try some when you come visit!

Little Linzee

We lost a goat today. Linzee got her tiny head stuck in a feeder – we think another goat might have jumped on her when she was eating and wedged her in there. We are all heartbroken. I walked around tonight after I finished my day, checking to make sure all the little goats were … Continue reading


I was trying to be helpful, carrying a small goat out of the kid pen so that we could weigh her and give her some medicine. I lifted my foot to step over the knee-high grate meant to keep the goats from escaping when the door is open, and clipped my toe. Before I knew how it was happening, and well after the point that I could do anything to stop it, I was tipping backwards. I landed flat on my back, knees bent against the superbly effective grate. I don’t know what became of the goat I was holding – I assume she floated to the ground and landed on all hooves, wondering why I seemed consumed by an extreme gravity, and quickly escaping lest it prove contagious. My head landed safely, equally far from the feeder (ouch) and a grenade of goat shit (blech). Stunned, I looked up at the now curious goats that had fled my expanding shadow, and having assessed my figured it w to stand. Sherwin said only, “we’ve all done it” and it was truly the only thing I could have heard at that moment.

New baby goats!!!

We missed the ‘official’ kidding season – the farm had 128 babies this year before we arrived – but they saved two pregnant mamas for us! Your browser does not support the video tag

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