Off we go!

Tonight: Asheville, NC Tomorrow: Nashville, TN Any recommendations?


We are all moved out of our apartment! It was such a process, as these things always are, but we’re all organized and Seattle bound. Road trip!!!

Sing it


Celebrating one of the last nights to belt it out in the East Village. Sophia: you’re awesome. I look forward to a million more duets.

Hagerstown Fun

We had a great week in Hagerstown. There was a baseball game, a book sale, many delicious dinners, road trip planning and a wonderful charity: water talk at Mercersburg. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything! xo

Road Trip: Maryland or Bust

We’re driving down Maryland to stock my parents’ basement with all the goodies we don’t want to leave in storage. Photos, memories, surfboards… Since they’ll be in FL with little Josie when we start our drive west, it’s also the last time we’ll see them before we start making cheese. Can’t wait!

Window units

I went to exchange our window A/C with the newer unit only to almost drop the old one out of the window when I was startled by our surprise guests. If I would have reached 6 inches closer I would have a handful of chicks and no A/C. The mother didn’t even move an inch … Continue reading

Stoop sale!

Car not included 🙂


Saturday Fun Day!

We had such an awesome day running around the city with Alicia and Peter! Christian went surfing (his assessment: cold) and Alicia and I went for a run in Fort Greene Park (my assessment: winded). Then Pete met us at our place and we hit the Brooklyn Flea. Alicia got a bracelet and a dress … Continue reading

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