Chilly morning

We spent a great weekend babysitting Josie, and are now going down to Mountain Lodge Farm for an event. We barely had time to put our bags down at home, but I wanted to take a moment to capture a little of the frigid magic happening in our front yard. I love our new home.

Bad bloggers

Oh dear. We’ve neglected our duties as raconteurs of our lives in the Pacific Northwest. So…updates: – I have water logged and ruined two iPhones in the last month. C says I either get a hardcore case or I’m back to a flip phone. – In Oct we went to West Lafayette, IN to watch … Continue reading

Family visit!

Guess who came to visit! We had such an awesome long weekend with Nathan, Lizzie, Kendra, Mitch and Liz. Thursday was the nicest weather day, and everyone’s first day in town, so we decided to do the outside stuff immediately. We spent a few hours exploring Northwest Trek – a wildlife park not far from … Continue reading

Week’s end weekend

Our two days off lately have been Thursday and Friday, so we take our weekend early. Alicia had Thursday off, too, so we all went wine tasting. We had some good wines, bad wines, and great wines. We ate pizza in the sun. We became members of Patterson Cellars. We bought vodka made by a … Continue reading

Still at it!

I can’t believe it’s August. We’ve been so busy being busy, the blog’s taken a back seat. But let’s get back to it. My parents have been in town since early August. They came in time for Josie’s 3rd (!) birthday, and will stay through to our first anniversary. We’ve seen them a few times … Continue reading


C just brought me a flower after work saying, “I picked this for you.” So sweet, I reached for it and he added, “eat it.” It’s a nasturtium, so perfectly edible, but a surprising gesture nonetheless. He knows I like flowers and eating, so maybe this is the perfect treat for me. Maybe next time … Continue reading

Our new sunset spot

Wes and Christian built us a fire pit!

Car Porter

Strange brew: Seattle Nights with Brian and Alicia. Seattle is a beer town. A good beer town; with the focus on hops and extra hops. A true local will order a hand crafted iPA from around the corner. We are four weeks into our stay and I feel the urge to get a beer so … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Brian!

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Seattle was so fun!

We had an awesome time in Seattle. Thank you to Alicia and Brian for the hospitality. And the washer/dryer. Josie has really grown since we saw her at Christmas. She’s so chatty! We went to Gas Works Park, Fremont Brewing Co, Chuck’s Hop Stop and Top Pot! We ‘helped’ Brian with his brewing – we’ll … Continue reading

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