Mariners game!

We had lunch at Henry’s – C’s burger had Mac and cheese on it – and then bought some cheap seats and headed into the stadium. Josie had a marshmallow after her ice cream and then got to hang with the Moose. Great sunny day at the ballpark!







Giant rhubarb!

Thank you, again, to the Crawfords for planting the rhubarb (however many years ago) that we’re harvesting! Easiest gardening ever.

Happy Easter!

Josie was SO excited about her Easter basket! She pulled each thing out, examined it, and then wanted to put it away. She cannot wait to eat her big chocolate bunny. She’s also wearing pajamas that she’s growing into, so she has to hold them up when she walks. It might be the cutest part of the whole thing.

House construction progress

We had a bit of a break from the construction this week. We are waiting for the finishing supplies – doors, windows, decking – but it does feel like time lost. Hopefully everything comes in early next week and the guys can get down to business. We decided on Tiger wood (ha!) for the decking … Continue reading

Weekend with family!

Alicia, Brian and Josie came up Sunday morning to enjoy the awesome weather with us. Brian took Monday off, so we were able to hang out all of Sunday, and then go check out the tulips in Skagit County on Monday. The weather was amazing both days, and we spent nearly every minute outside. Josie … Continue reading

Our first harvest

Today we picked two asparagus spears and five rhubarb stalks. It is because of the gardening of the previous owners that we have anything to harvest this time of year – so thank you, Crawfords! We put the asparagus on homemade pizzas last night, and I made a compote with the rhubarb that we’ll have on some ice cream tonight. Yummy!


We built a little chicken coop!

It’s only a temporary one until we build the bigger one this weekend with Alicia and Brian. The chicks quickly outgrew their little tub in the laundry room, and they’ve got decent feathers already. At only 5 weeks old! So we moved them outside so they can get some fresh air and slugs. They still … Continue reading

What’s for lunch, Josie?

Josie knows what she wants…

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