Bad bloggers

Oh dear. We’ve neglected our duties as raconteurs of our lives in the Pacific Northwest. So…updates: – I have water logged and ruined two iPhones in the last month. C says I either get a hardcore case or I’m back to a flip phone. – In Oct we went to West Lafayette, IN to watch … Continue reading

Ted and Shannon’s wedding

Old haunts and haunted new ones…

Boiler Up! We stopped at Purdue University on our drive from Batesville, IN to Brooklyn, MI. It was fun to see where C went to school and while we couldn’t get inside to test the temperature (hmmm – suspicious?), I can confirm the existence of the Cold Air Dorm. C can explain sometime if you’ve … Continue reading

Lovin’ Batesville!

Thank you, Ted and Shannon, for a really fun mid-week weekend!

Boiler up!

C had a mini reunion last night – even Dalf was there (via phone). We’re stopping by Purdue on the way to Michigan. I am looking forward to seeing this “cold air dorm” I’ve heard so much about…


Remotely controlled

Birmingham to Lexington…and beyond!

We had a great drive from Birmingham to Lexington. We stopped in Chattanooga to see the Chattanooga Choo Choo – a train museum and hotel they built in the old station. You can even book a room in a rail car! For lunch we stopped at a Golden Corral. We will definitely be back! We … Continue reading

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