Last sushi in Tokyo

Yes, it’s at the Delta lounge, but it’s delicious! We’re getting ready for our 14 hours flight to JFK – we leave at 3:15pm and land at 3:10pm, same day. Mind bend!

Delta lounge in JFK you should be ashamed.

This is how we pour our beers now.

Sometimes jet lag rocks

We woke up at 4:30 this morning – neither of us heard our alarms at 4am, but no matter – and went to see the tuna auction at Tsujiki Fish Market. We didn’t bid on anything, but we ate the best sushi of our lives at 7am. So – win. Christian loved it, I swear. … Continue reading

Our day in Tokyo

Arrival: Tokyo


I’m gonna say it: the 14 hours just flew by.

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