Week’s end weekend

Our two days off lately have been Thursday and Friday, so we take our weekend early. Alicia had Thursday off, too, so we all went wine tasting. We had some good wines, bad wines, and great wines. We ate pizza in the sun. We became members of Patterson Cellars. We bought vodka made by a … Continue reading

Josie keeps the beat

We went to the Fremont Solstice Parade after party at Gas Works Park last Saturday. The weather was awesome and it was cool to ‘stop by’ and see Alicia, Brian and Josie. Your browser does not support the video tag

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Your browser does not support the video tag Your browser does not support the video tag

Our week

Phew! A week’s gone by in a flash. A flash of milking, cleaning, bottles, hay, poop and cheese. Not to mention the farming! Ba da bum 🙂 We had our first days off since we got here on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was gorgeous, so we drove out to Mount Rainier. The mountain was out … Continue reading

Seattle was so fun!

We had an awesome time in Seattle. Thank you to Alicia and Brian for the hospitality. And the washer/dryer. Josie has really grown since we saw her at Christmas. She’s so chatty! We went to Gas Works Park, Fremont Brewing Co, Chuck’s Hop Stop and Top Pot! We ‘helped’ Brian with his brewing – we’ll … Continue reading

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