Moab to Bryce Canyon

We had an awesome drive through Utah. We had no idea how diverse the landscape would be!

We drove back up to I-70 and then got on 89 South – turns out we’ll follow this all the way to the Grand Canyon as well. The weather was chilly and cloudy most of the trip, with a sprinkling here and there, but was gorgeous. There is so much space out here. Makes you feel so small and yet so capable and adventurous. There were tons of cows and horses – we even saw a flock of sheep grazing on the shoreline of the Piute Reservoir. We made it to Bryce Canyon at 3pm, watched the visitors center information video (side note: all the parks videos look 20 years old because of the low definition – funny since the parks haven’t changed in thousands of years and they could technically use the same one for as long as we’re still walking the earth. The parks age better than the proof we try to capture).

And wow – Bryce is just amazing. We did the Queens Garden hike – 1 mile down for a chance to look back up through the hoodoos. C took tons of photos – we’ll add those to our end of trip slide show!

We camped out at our first KOA – I don’t know if they’re all this nice, but we loved it. It’s my kind of camping: showers, bathrooms, laundry, soft sand pit for the tent. I build my first campfire (with instruction) and might I say, it was a beauty. It poured rain as soon as we got into the tent – lucky! – but we managed to see some stars throughout the night through the little tent window.

Today we’re headed to the Grand Canyon to camp on the South Rim. We’re back on 89, heading through Page. We’ll need to detour through the desert because of a fault line shift that put a 100′ crack in the highway! We’re looking forward to some fry bread and turquoise 😉

















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