Jupiter and Fireworks.

We found the Upper Deck, a nice rooftop bar where we could relax under the stars while enjoying a Leo and a Sang Som. Some floating lanterns caught our attention and we noticed that Jupiter was directly over head. Then we were surprised by an unexpected firework show towards the river. None of which we would have been able to see had we stayed on the streets below.




Our day in Chiang Mai: Day 2

Today we checked out of the Four Seasons to experience a little of downtown Chiang Mai. The FS is a good 40 mins outside town, and our trips in were so great we wanted to check it out a bit more. It’s definitely an expat town, and very easy and friendly. We toured some wats, … Continue reading

Wat spotting

After a relaxing day at the Four Seasons we headed out to visit two historic Wat sites as described in the previous Our day in Chiang Mai.

One of three clockwise orbits around the sacred relic housed in a Chedi

From on top of the forest Wat Umong tunnels

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