I’m experimenting a little bit with cajeta – goat milk caramel. It’s just goat’s milk simmered with sugar for a good long while. It tastes delicious and sweet and rich and I can’t wait for you all to try some when you come visit!

Cocktail time

Tonight’s aperitif: raw La Mancha goat’s milk. Some nights, we get a little of the milk that’s left over from the previous milking – if it’s too little to start a whole new bucket. We used to drink a glass of milk with meals as a kid, and I do like the flavor. I always … Continue reading

Burrito loco

Next time you’re in Death Valley…get the beef torta and chicken burrito – extra crema.

Milt’s – last meal in Moab

Look at that chili cheeseburger and Milt Melt!

Just because we never camp…

Doesn’t mean we don’t know how.

Birmingham weekend

We had an awesome weekend in Birmingham. Thank you again to Shawn and Emily! On Derby Day we spent a couple hours at the dog track, betting on races there and at Churchill Downs. Shawn was the big winner, picking Orb to win in a variety of combinations. None of our guesses yielded any winnings, … Continue reading

Pancake breakfast

Pigeon Forge has motels, go kart tracks and pancake houses/pantries/places/spots. Lots and lots of flapjacks. We decided on the Red Rooster for our breakfast. Excellent choice!

Taking it to go

The Thai do a lot of take out business from their food stalls, but we haven’t seen one plastic or styrofoam container yet. They use baggies. For everything. If you order a noodle soup, you get noodles in one bag, broth in another, and a third and fourth baggie with the spices and liquids you … Continue reading

Tacos in Thailand

We were in the mood for a little Western food tonight – and it was delicious!


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