Josie and Oscar got to play together today. She is so sweet with him, and he loves watching her play. We hung out at Mimi and Chips’ house, even though they don’t get here until Thursday. Just warming the place up for them 🙂

Sure shot

Christian is bringing home Grandad’s old rifle. Mitch was storing it, and doesn’t need it, so said Christian should take it. They wanted to try it out first, of course, so they took a trip out to the Swansons’ river land. Christian has a bruise on his right bicep from the kick back. Coyotes be warned…

How big is Oscar?

Alicia and Brian did such a cute series of photos of Josie next to household objects to help show how much she was growing. It’s so hard to see a baby’s size compared to baby accessories. So here are a few of Ozzy at three and a half months – or 5 Miller Lites.

Family night at Kendra’s

All the Swansons came over for dinner last night. The kids ran all around while the grown ups caught up and cooed at baby Oscar. We finally remembered to take a photo when everyone is together!


Ozzy has been getting the hiccups for about 10 months. Sometimes it’s when he’s over stimulated or tired or just after eating. When he was fussy all the time, it was one of the only quiet times – he couldn’t cry and hiccup at the same time, thankfully. I think it’s one of the cutest things he does.

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